The band Binley exists to serve the global Church by creating energetic, genuine worship experiences.

The name Binley is the married name of singer Dre, and represents the idea of new identity, new covenant, and inclusion in a new family - all themes that reflect a life in Christ!

We are living in a special time in history - a ton of worship music is being created and sung corporately around the world. But a lot of that music is reflective, slow, and minimally produced. Binley's music is more of a party. It's our hope these upbeat, synthy, pop-ified sounds can serve a felt need in Christian gatherings around the world for catchy, fun, relevant worship music.

Believers have the biggest reason to clap, dance, and rejoice. We've been given a new name and brought in to the family!

So may these songs stir up joy in your heart and in your local gatherings :)

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